The Ground Work

"What We Pay Attention To Grows"

These principles represent the ground level of Matthew's approach and practice; or, the seeds. Whether he is directing or working administratively, these principles are universal and assist in centering his process around health and community rather than the product.

Like any seed, when watered and nurtured, these principles sprout into life that is ever-changing and ever-growing.


By intentionally investing in these points in the day to day practice both individually and collectively, the process and the health of the collective becomes centered.

We stand on the shoulders of giants. These principles are a cumulation of ideas from teachers, articles, books, Matthew's interpretation of them, and his own practice.

Interested in a point(s)? He'd love for you to ask him about it!

Do No Harm

Make Your Partner Look Good

Invest in Your Health

Process Over Product

Listen, Play, Explore

Seek Different Perspectives

Collaborate, Synthesize

Move at the Speed of Trust

Invest in the Fractals