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"What We Pay Attention To Grows"

The Groundwork

The Groundwork represents the foundation of Matthew's approach and practice; or the seeds. Like any seed, when watered and nurtured, the seed can sprout into life that is ever-changing and ever-growing. By intentionally investing in the approach and practice both individually and collectively, the process and the health of the collective becomes centered.

Core Principles

We stand on the shoulders of giants.


Gathered from articles, books, teachers, and his own practices, these 10 principles serve as a core to Matthew's work. 

Do No Harm

Invest in Your Health

Make Your Partner Look Good

Process Over Product

Listen, Play, Explore

Seek Different Perspectives

Collaborate, Synthesize

Invest in the Fractals

Intentionality is key


A Framework for Accountability & Growth






This framework for accountability and growth was created in a speech Matthew wrote during spring, 2021. In the speech, he wrote, "It is not the sole responsibility of the global majority to advocate, lead, and take action to recognize, name, disrupt, dismantle, and rebuild practices which oppress and diminish them."


The five steps serve as umbrella. He uses this model, along with one from U.K. director Lyndsey Turner to assess situations in order to have a generative outcome. 

Emergent Strategy

Matthew was first introduced to the book "Emergent Strategy" by adrienne maree brown during summer 2022. While it took him to November of that year to begin reading it, the book shifted the framework of his approach as a facilitator. Cultivated by adrienne maree brown, “Emergent strategy is how we intentionally change in ways that grow our capacity to embody the just and liberated worlds we long for.” In his opinion, this is a must read book. The elements of and principles of Emergent Strategy, listed below, have become an integral part of Matthew's practice.

To learn more or support the work of Emergent Strategy and the Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute, visit


Non-Linear & Iterative:

How do I/we learn from this



How we are at the small scale is how we are at the large scale



How we live & grow & stay purposeful in the face of constant change


Resilience & Transformative Justice:

How we recover & transform


Creating More Possibilities:

Where we move towards life. where we shape tomorrow towards abundance


Interdependence & Decentralization:

Mutual resilience, shared leadership & vision

Core Principles

Change is constant. (Be like water).

Small is good, small is all. (The large is a reflection of the small.)

There is always enough time for the right work.

Less Prep, More Presence.

There is a conversation in the room that only
these people at this moment can have. Find it.

Never a failure, always a lesson.

Trust the people. (If you trust the people, they
become trustworthy).

What you pay attention to grows.

Move at the speed of trust. Focus on critical
connections more than critical mass - build resilience by building relationships.


A Poem Inspired by Lester Eugene Mayers

What If We Share Our Art

what if we share our art?

what if our art mattered?

if our art was impactful?

if our potential was boundless?

if we are stronger than we think?

if we come together?

if we support each other?

if we chase our dreams?

if we take a chance?

if we disrupt?

if we create?

if we use our voice?

if we took a stand?

if we took a risk?

if we unearth common ground?

if our art saves people?

what if our art saves people?

what if

our art saves people?


a play I adore says

"the way to save the world is to first

save one person."


so I ask again,

what if we share our art?

it saves people 


we let it.


what if we let it.


my dear friends,

what if we take a chance and share our art?

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