We The People

Devised - Director - November 3rd, 2020

In 2003, Matthew received a package from his Aunt Jean and Uncle Larry which contained re-makes of the founding documents of the nation. He was 2, so he doesn't remember this happening. He later discovered this package again in 2017 and as a history nerd, it sparked his interest. But, it just sat in his closet because... what do you do with these re-makes???

Flash forward to October 2020. The ticking of the constant countdown to November 3rd rang presently. The clause, "We the people" had been in Matthew's head and for some reason, he had brought that package to college for the Fall semester. He had the idea of devising a piece  wanted to devise to the phrase "We the people", but lacked an entrance point beyond the phrase. 

Envelope containing reproductions of U.S. founding documents

Then, while scrolling through Twitter, he re-stumbled on a video of Tr*mp leaving RBG's funeral after the crowd began chanting 'Vote. Him. Out.' The power of a collective, in a unified voice, especially given the context of the time, was overwhelming. This became the start of the piece.

Using this video and the Preamble as a foundation, Matthew, Delicia Holder, Sarah Sagatis, and Hannah Tyman devised "We The People" on Zoom. The piece covered an array of topics, how each of our communities have been affected by 45s reign of hate, and what action we can take to change that.

The piece was presented on November 3rd, Election Day. As cliche as it sounds, performing it felt like the only way to respond to the day. 

His one regret is not recording the piece. He still has the structural analysis (essentially the script and blocking), so it is possible to perform again. However, he don't think any performance can capture the weight we felt performing the piece on that day. Perhaps the piece will evolve from an 8 minute piece to a full length. Perhaps it's okay 'We The People' simply lives on through memories.