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No More Talk of Darkness

Music Theater Wichita/KMEntertainment ~ Production Assistant ~ May 13th - 16th, 2021

This is one of those projects that feels like a dream. I joined production meetings mid-January with my boss, Kristen, and Jeremy Stolle and have been working on this concert since! Jeremy is a 13 year veteran of Broadway's Phantom of the Opera. I actually saw him in it during summer 2014!

I've been centered around the logistics advancing work: creating an itinerary for the New York and Wichita rehearsal period, coordinating with the staff at Music Theatre Wichita to book hotels and flights, collecting cast bios, and creating and maintaining production meeting reports.

Additionally, I did a bit of video editing and vocally arranged a portion of You'll Never Walk Alone which was a fun dive into my choral singing background.

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Joyful Trio!

Opening night in Wichita - Photo by Kacy Meinecke

New York - Smash Studios

No More Talk of Darkness rehearsed in New York for a week at Smash Studios before the cast traveled to Wichita for the performances. I was lucky enough to drive down to the city for half of that week and join the rehearsal process. I was even luckier because I got to do it all with my best friend/co-worker, Julia Marie Black.

The full company pictured left to right includes Julia Marie Black, Matthew B. Cullen, Matthew Vander Ende, Grace Field, Jeff Cox, Jeremy Stolle, Steven Jerry Millhouse, Kristen Ernst, and Elliot Greer. Not only are they all wonderfully talented, but more importantly, they're kind. I could talk about how wonderful each of their souls are easily. I hope to work with them all again in the near future. The atmosphere in the room was a mix of grace, humbleness, empowerment, and celebration. Every person in the room embraced that environment. This was a tone clearly set by Jeremy that helped me feel welcome in the room instantly. We were all fully vaccinated too! 

In the room, I ended up creating rehearsal reports, tracking mics on stage, dictating a basic lighting cue sheet, timing the show, tracking dress changes/time for each change, and of course, cheering on the cast.

There were countless moments where Julia and I would look at each other and simply smile ever so big. This was real. This happened. To us. What a wonderful world.

The cast flew off to Wichita while I drove back to Fredonia for finals week. What a crazy way to wrap up my sophomore year.


Photos by Kacy Meinecke

Photos by Kacy Meinecke

Music Theatre Wichita - Kansas

This was the first project I've worked on where I was not there at opening night. It was quite odd. When opening night began, I was in my room in Fredonia rewatching WandaVision! I find that h y s t e r i c a l. I'm sure this won't be the first time this happens.

Since Julia and I couldn't be in Wichita, I edited together a little "happy opening night" video from the two of us. Slowly but surely I am exploring iMovie and getting more comfortable with it. What better way to practice than a little video to make people smile and wish them well!

I think the idea of favorites is stupid. Opinions, perspectives, and experiences shift often, so why should we try to put things in a hierarchy? A substitute to favorites might be "special". What's a special moment? It implies there are many special moments that don't need to compare to one another to determine their worth. They can simply exist as a cherished memory.


This whole experience has been a special moment, a cherished memory I hope doesn't fade. From my first production meeting on January 22nd to the show closing. From all the wonderful people who worked on this concert, to diving into logistics advancing, to arranging some music, to being in New York, to sitting at my desk at home watching little live streams of the concert. This experience still feels surreal. If it's a dream, I hope to keep dreaming sweetly like this.