motha how could you eva

by Lester Eugene Mayers
Virtual Theatre Collaboration ~ Director ~ April 5th, 2021
motha, how could you eva.JPG

Matthew was offered a directing contract with VTC in January to do a 2 day workshop of a choreo-poem called "motha how could you eva" by Lester Eugene Mayers. 

After reading the poem for the first time, he knew this was not his story to tell. After inquiring about the team and learning more about the company, he decided to take the short contract. With his process based in collaboration and listening, facilitating this piece to tell this story authentically was still possible. 

Collaboration, listening, and research. Lots of research. The piece is a poem about Hydeia, a black HIV activist. Matthew immediately dove into research on her life. 

African Booty-Scratcha.jpeg

After having a strong understanding of Hydeia and her work, I then ventured into Lester's work. To be frank, MBC isn't a big book person. But he read"African Booty-Scratcha" in 1 night, finding Lester's language addictive and constantly leaving him wanting more. 



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