SUNY Fredonia

Fredonia? Never heard of it.
Where is Fredonia?.png

Fredonia is a small town in Western New York about 50 minutes south of where I grew up in Buffalo. It's a little close to home for me, but the proximity has been helpful on more than 1 ocasion. 

Campus is rather small. It's about a 10 minute walk from one side of the academic area to the other. It's rare I walk through campus and don't see someone I know. As a social person, I absolutely love this.

I have quite a few Fred (for short) connections. Two of my cousins went to school here, two of my high school music teachers, and quite a few people I knew from high school went/go to school here. It's always been prominent in my head, though not my top choice till mid-way through high school. Going to Fredonia seemed right for me.

Freshman Year:

PAC, POW, the Letter, BA SAC Rep, Ticket office, combat, 

Sophomore Year:
Junior Year:
Senior Year: