project title

Like Icarus

Sophomore Showcase ~ Director ~ April 25th

This piece was a quick, unexpected gem. A friend asked me to submit a devised piece for Fredonia PAC's Sophomore Showcase. I was hesitant at first due to time; however, agreed to create a piece.


My collaborator Rose Hays and I created this piece from scratch in roughly 75 minutes and recorded it on Zoom. We were drawn towards the stars and the distance between us and them. The Icarus story quickly came up in conversation and drove our process and story. 

If we had 30 more minutes to work on this piece, there would be some fine tuning and additional moments added. Though honestly, I'd love to expand on this piece. "Like Icarus" has so much potential, just in the title alone. Who knows what the future holds. 

Check out "Like Icarus" above or the whole freshmen/sophomore showcase to the left! Shout out to PAC and Laney Jessica Gruber for organizing the event.