We The People


by Paula Vogel
Fredonia PAC ~ Assistant Stage Manager ~ Canceled Due to COVID April 24th - 26th

This was my first time assistant stage managing and gosh, I was learning new things left and right. I developed my love for taking notes while working on this production and an even greater love for the gift that is Paula Vogel. 

This was one of the first plays I read and said to myself, "Oh, this is poetry". Her text is simply addictive. The stage direction, "A Blink In Time", resonated greatly with me and would guide me through the coming months. 

We were about 3 weeks into the rehearsal process when the pandemic hit. This was the second attempt for the show to be produced by PAC under the direction of Jack Levenberg, a senior at the time. The loss of this show hurt me. A year later, I still can't imagine losing this show for a second time.

Since my encounter with Indecent, I have gone on to do in depth research on The God of Vengeance, the play which Indecent revolves around. The historical context of the events fascinates me. The more I learn, I more I fall in love with Vogel's piece. The more I need to do this play.


I may have to wait many many years - but I will produce this play. And when that day comes, I hope Jack Levenberg will be able to direct that production.

First Read.JPG

Pictured is the cast and team of Indecent at the first table read. The personless laptop is my seat.