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A Quick Introduction,

Hello, hello! My name is Matthew B. Cullen (he/him). I am a theatre director, curator, and deviser adopted from Bogotá, Colombia and raised in Buffalo, New York.

What is a theatre curator? It's my substitution for theatre administrator/manager. Administrator/manager imply 

I believe theatre is unintentionally the pursuit of common ground through a collective profound human experience.

With that, it is the responsibility of the director to create, curate, and cultivate that space. A space which strives to bring forth authenticity through the poetry of language and movement (or lack thereof).  

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I hope through the experience of my work, seeds are planted in our common ground so that audiences may leave the theatre different than we came. That is the kind of art I am passionate about, that is the kind of art that I want to create, that is the art I believe people need, even if they don’t know it. Art that plants seeds so that we may leave the theatre different than we came.

Interested in reading more about my beliefs? I have a whole page dedicated to that! Click below to keep reading.

More About Me,

​I grew up playing soccer. No music, no art, definitely no theatre. Just soccer. Theatre finally came into my life summer going into 7th grade. I ended up a theatre camp called Creative Allusions Productions which had the motto "Arts education and education through the arts". That's always stuck with me. At that camp, I absolutely fell in love with theatre. 

I began performing at my middle school and into high school. I expanded into community theatre, then regional during summer 2018 by working at the Woodstock Playhouse as a performance apprentice.

Currently, I am a raising junior at SUNY Fredonia pursuing a BA Theatre Arts degree with minors in Arts Administration and English. My freshmen year, I had the opportunity to serve on the board for the student theatre company, the Performing Arts Company (PAC), and a play reading group, Play on Words (POW). Working with PAC, I fell in love with arts administration and working with POW, I fell in love with reading plays.

I've become an avid play reader and over quarantine, took on a "Play a Day" challenge. It's pretty self explanatory. I read a play every day. I did this for about 80 days until the BLM protests resurged across the nation. From there, my focuses completely shifted. I spent the summer marching and organizing protests across Buffalo. 

My work in the streets carried into advocating for equity within my department at Fredonia and has not stopped since. Theatre is built on white supremacy. That needs to be recognized, named, disrupted, dismantled, and rebuilt.

When I'm not working, I'm probably outside, getting coffee, with friends or watching Schitt's Creek. Oh, or watching Rogue One (the best Star Wars movie) or Black Panther. I can't tell you how many times I've watched those two movies. 

Practice grace. Practice disruption.

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